SYNERGETIC PROJECTS implement construction of objects of any complexity.

We carry out construction in various geographical, climatic, geological and environmental conditions: deserts and arid areas, steppe and mountainous areas, irrigated and arable lands, regions of Far North and subtropics. Machinery of the company allows us to carry out construction offshore, in flood lands of major rivers and small streams, in swamps, in zones of tectonic fissure of the earth’s crust. Our specialists have practical knowledge of integrated construction of the necessary facilities for oil and gas fields in compliance with international safety and quality standards.

Construction of oil and gas complex’ objects:

  • Tank farms (from 2000 m3 till 1 000 000 m3)
  • Central oil and gas processing units
  • Marine terminals
  • Trunk pipelines (oil pipelines, gas pipelines)
  • Oil pump stations
  • Booster stations
  • High- and low-pressure compressor station
  • Security systems
  • Safeguard systems
  • Control and metering systems

Civil construction:

  • Administration buildings
  • Process buildings
  • Dams and culverts
  • Hotels
  • Temples
  • Palaces of sport
  • Storages

Construction of objects in power industry:

  • Service power stations
  • Transformer sub-stations
  • Generating plants
  • Power lines

Highway engineering:

  • Highways
  • Roads
  • Overhead crossings
  • Bridges
  • Landing strips