Kirinskoye gas and condensate field located on the shelf of Sakhalin island (Okhotsk sea) 28 km from the coast (sea depth — 90 meters). The field was discovered in 1992.

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As a result of the 2009-2010 exploration of gas reserves at the field increased from 75 billion cubic meters of C1+C2 to 137 billion cubic meters of C1 category. Recoverable condensate reserves increased from 8.6 to 15.9 million tons

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The Kirinskoye field is a primary object of development of the Sakhalin shelf. Production at the field for the first time in the Russian practice will be conducted with the use of underwater mining complex.

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SYNERGETIC PROJECTS involved in the field development and infrastructure construction. The field operation is planned in 2012. The produced gas in the offshore pipelines will be delivered to shore processing facility, after which the pipeline (length of 139 km, diameter 1020 mm, pressure 100 ATM.) will be transported to the main compressor station of gas transportation system "Sakhalin — Khabarovsk — Vladivostok"

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Construction and installation works on the objects of the coastal technological complex within the project "development of the Kirinskoye GSF".


Complex SMR SYNERGETIC PROJECTS at the facility "gas complex treatment unit (UKPG) with the capacity of 4.25 billion m3/year", includes the construction of internal networks, process pipelines, with a length of 127.4, and the following objects and structures:

  1. Shop gas
  2. Area of heat exchangers
  3. Shop USK
  4. The building of the furnace stabilization
  5. The building of mega regeneration
  6. Mega pump and methanol
  7. Compressor plant, etc