Social responsibility
The Company's social policy is aimed at protecting human rights, improving the material and spiritual level of society

SYNERGETIC PROJECTS work for charitable causes, provide proper working conditions, social care, and contribute in improvement of personnel life standards.

SYNERGETIC PROJECTS provide charity support to youth, cultural, medical and educational institutions. Considering that progress and competitive abilities of the Company associate with qualitative approach to production capabilities, SYNERGETIC PROJECTS welcome regular improvement of its employees’ professional skills and encourage engineering self-education and professional upgrading. Trainings in industrial security, quality management and advanced project management are carried out systematically.
SYNERGETIC PROJECTS acknowledge that successful development of the Company depends on availability of qualified and competent human resources, that is why we pursue job creation for young specialists and welfare assistance to employees and their families. Company Policy also covers physical and psychological health support and health protection activities.
Company social policy stipulates protection of human rights, safety support to local population, and improvement of living, cultural and social standards. The Company always actively participates in local social activities and is open to public organizations involved in social issues within areas of industrial and economic concern of the Company. SYNERGETIC PROJECTS regularly submit to all involved HSES establishments the information about the effects of Company activities on personnel, population and environment. The company is actively involved in addressing social issues at the regional level and is open for contacts with public organizations, critical social issues in the regions of production and economic activities of the Company