The company "SYNERGETIC PROJECTS" carries out:

Integrated management of project materials:

  • Supply of High quality materials and equipment within the project work schedule
  • Inventory and management analysis, storage monitoring and assessment of project materials consumption using advanced storage kitting and retrieval system
  • Process flow management according to current consumption
  • Marketing research, planning basis for logistical support
  • Assuming supply requirements
  • Risk Management

Vendor selection:

  • Bidding
  • Contract issuance and award
  • Vendor audit analytical review

Supply management and organization:

  • Logistics
  • Material handling
  • Equipment and materials storekeeping
  • Production reserve inventory system

Assessment and planning:

  • Long term and immediate project supply planning
  • Development of maintenance and repair demand programs
  • Development of materials supply quality assurance procedures
  • Development of economical rational store standards
  • Regular store reserve assessment

Permanent coordination with Engineering, Construction and other departments of the Company.