SYNERGETIC PROJECTS is the General contractor of the Stavrolen and supplier of power island equipment for ПГУ135 MW for the project "Construction of thermal power plant at OOO "Stavrolen" in Budennovsk", the customer of which is LLC "LUKOIL-Energoinzhiniring", and the investor is "LUKOIL-Stavropolenergo".

Currently SYNERGETIC PROJECTS leads the construction of TPP based on steam-gas plant with capacity of 135 MW (PGU-135) in the territory of regional industrial Park located close to the petrochemical enterprise "Stavrolen". Heat capacity of CCGT-135 is 58 Gcal/h. The main fuel for the CCGT will serve as the stripped gas from the new processing plant of associated petroleum gas, which LUKOIL plans to produce in the Northern Caspian fields. The efficiency of the PSU will exceed 51%, which corresponds to the highest world standards. Compared to existing thermal power stations of PSU allows 1.5 times to reduce the specific fuel consumption for electricity production, as well as in 2-3 times to reduce the level of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

The uniqueness of the project is that waste heat boilers of type KGT-66/4,6-440-17/06-219 of JSC "ZIO" Podolsk offer a new range of waste heat boilers for turbines ROLLS ROYCE type TRENT-60, which earlier in Russia was only used at gas-pumping installations, and in the future are planned by the investor for widespread use in PSU. Another remarkable point is the fact that the timing of the design and manufacturing of these boilers is very compressed (11 months from the date of receipt of advance payment) since the beginning of the output on the PDM to the Customer the prescribed 01.01.2014.


The purpose of the construction of the Facility is a reliable power supply of consumers of Stavrolen (part of LUKOIL)and the development of energy facilities in the Stavropol region, using as fuel gas of the North Caspian fields. It is expected construction of combined cycle power plant 135 MW.

In the framework of the project on creation of "power Islands", CCGT-135 is selected and supplied the following equipment:

·        Gas turbine plant (GTU) with turbine-generator

·        Steam turbine (PTU) to the turbine generator

·        Waste heat boilers (HRSG)

·        Gestagenna compressor station

·        Automated control system of technological processes (ACS TP)

Gas turbines from Rolls-Royce


SYNERGETIC PROJECTS signed a contract for equipment supply with the international original equipment manufacturer Rolls-Royce to supply two industrial gas turbines Trent60.
Each installation Trent60 has a capacity of 58.5 MW. Exhaust heat will be disposed of in a combined steam-gas cycle, consisting of waste heat boilers and steam turbines that will be an additional source of electricity. At the same time, high pressure steam will be used to maintain production at a petrochemical plant. The installation will be performed and completed on the companies Rolls-Royce in Montreal (Canada) and mount Vernon (USA)

Press about the supply of equipment for the project

The TPP site is located in the southeastern part of the Regional Park industrialnogo G. Budennovska