Description of the total work on the project:

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The construction of a combined cycle gas turbine CCGT unit with a capacity of up to 235 MW, consisting of:

  1. Four gas turbines LM 6000 PF DF Sprint production company "General Electric";
  2. Four steam boilers KGT-44/4,6-435-13/0,5-210;
  3. Two steam turbines of type T-17/23-4,5/0,18;
  4. Four modular booster compressor stations;
  5. Accessories

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Work carried out by SYNERGETIC PROJECTS as General Contractor:

  • Site preparation construction
  • The construction of the Main construction projects and objects of auxiliary and service purpose including:
  • The main building
  • Oil emergency discharge tanks
  • Construction of closed switchgear (indoor switchgear) 110 kV and 220 KV
  • Installation of transformers
  • Carcasona (circulation pump) and pumping production and fire water supply
  • Cooling towers
  • Chemical water purification
  • The point of gas preparation
  • Musahodjayeva
  • Farm diesel fuel
  • The modular compressor unit
  • Warehouse of cylinders
  • The water storage tanks 2х2400м3
  • Pump station of foam extinguishing
  • External technical and cable racks
  • Permanent road
  • External networks and constructions of water supply, sanitation, heating and gas supply
  • Beautification and landscaping
  • Temporary buildings and structures
  • Conducting of pre-commissioning

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Delivery by SYNERGETIC PROJECTS as a General Contractor

  • Accessories, including but not limited to:
    The equipment of the Main building
  • The outer part of the PSU
  • Transformer pad
  • ZRU
  • Circulating pumping station, the pump is interlocked with the production-fire fighting water
  • Booster pumping station domestic wastewater
  • Pumping station industrial storm drains
  • Sewage treatment plant
  • Cooling tower
  • WTP (water treatment plant)
  • Storage of oil in containers
  • Pumping diesel fuel
  • Pumping pumping
  • Compressor station
  • Installation for the production of nitrogen