PJSC Rosneft subsidiary JSC Ryazan Oil Refining Co. (RNPK) has produced the first batch of AI-100 high-octane gasoline at its 18.8 million-tonne/year Ryazan refinery about 120 miles southeast of Moscow.

Production of the low-sulfur gasoline, which occurred in mid-March, is a result of implementation of Rosneft’s broader program to modernize and upgrade operations of its Russian refineries for production of fuels meeting more stringent global environmental quality specifications, Rosneft said.

Designed for high-power engines, the new product also has passed all qualification and benchmark tests for compliance with fuels conforming to the Eurasian Economic Commission’s technical specifications for the K5 emission class (equivalent to Euro 5-quality environmental standards), the operator said.

According to Rosneft’s web site, the following projects are currently under implementation at RNPK’s refinery:

• Reconstruction of the diesel fuel hydrotreating unit.

• Construction of a two-unit desulfurization plant for dry hydrocarbon gases with a saturated amines regeneration block.

• Construction of a production complex for elemental sulfur applying the Klaus method, with storage, shipping, and operation infrastructure.

• Construction of the crude-vacuum distillation Unit 5.

• Reconstruction of treatment installations.

• Construction of the vacuum gas oil hydrocracking complex.

The projects come as part of Rosneft’s company-wide refinery modernization plan launched in 2008, which includes the construction of 30 units and reconstruction of more than 20 units at Rosneft’s Russian refineries between 2012 and 2020.