10 years
on the market of construction of industrial facilities
The company is building both in Russia and abroad
A high level of safety of work performed
The prospective construction site is situated in the Russian Federation, Stavropol Territory, Budennovsk city, in close proximity to the STAVROLEN Plant. The purpose of the Facility construction is to ensure a reliable supply of the STAVROLEN consumers with electric and heat energy and to develop power capacities in the Stavropol Region using gas of the Northern Caspian fields as a raw material. It is expected construction of the CCGT-CHP of 135 MW electrical output.
The New Safe Confinement will transform Chernobyl into an environmentally safe state. The new structure will enclose the damaged reactor 4 and contain the radioactive inventory of the shelter which was erected under extremely hazardous conditions after the 1986 accident. It will prevent the intrusion of water and snow and the dispersion if contaminated dust and provide cranes and equipment for the eventual deconstruction of the existing structures. For that purpose the New Safe Confinement will be equipped with two cranes with a lifting capacity of 50 tons each. Dismantled shelter components can be laid down or processed inside the New Safe Confinement. It will be able to operate for at least 100 years. SYNERGETIC PROJECTS contributes in mechanical installation works within New Safe Confinement construction.
Construction-and-assembly works on sites of the Onshore Process Facility within the Project ‘Development of the Kirinskoye GSF’. Complex of construction-and-assembly works on the site of Central Processing Facility (CPF) of a capacity of 4.25 bln m3/year including construction of the onsite utilities, process pipelines of a length of 127.4
Central boiler in Astrakhan. Expansion with construction of CCP 235 MW